Masters lubricant is a highly formulated engine oil produced for both petrol and diesel engines. Our lubricants are blended and designed in Nigeria to meet the best global standards.

Masters Lubricant is blended by Alsa Petrochemical Industries Limited (A subsidiary of Masters Energy Group) situated along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Ibafo, Ogun State Nigeria.

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Our lubricants are available in 1ltr, 4ltr, 25ltr and 205ltr pack sizes for ease of carriage and affordability for our customers.

Here are our range of quality lubricants:

Masters Force 1 (SAE 15W-40 API CH4)

Masters Force 1 SAE 15W-40 is a good quality High Performance Diesel engine lubricant specially formulated to give adequate engine protection. It is specially formulated with very high grades of stabilised base oils and chemical additives to provide excellent protection and is recommended for all old and new diesel engines requiring very high precision output even when operating at the strenuous ambient conditions.

It also possesses extended oil drain capabilities.

New generation turbo trucks
Old and new diesel engines
Suitable for all automotive diesel engines
Industrial generators

Performance features
Reduce wear and tear
Bette soot handling properties
Better sludge handling & filter plugging
Low fuel consumption
Extended drain intervals

Pack Sizes: 4,5,25 litres

Masters Synth 1 (5w-40) API SN (FULL SYNTHETIC)

Masters Synth 1 SAE 5W-40 is an advanced performance motor oil formulated from synthetic base oil and high performance additive designed to fulfil the highest available lubricant standard. It is engineered to help prolong the life and maintain the efficiency of emission systems in both diesel and gasoline powered automobiles.

Gasoline and diesel powered automobiles
Turbo charged engines
On-highway light & medium trucking
Diesel and LPG fuelled engines in passenger cars with or without turbo charger, working under severe temperature and load conditions

Performance features
Low ash content
Low sulphur & phosphorus content
Active cleaning agents
Outstanding thermal & oxidation stability
Low fuel consumption

Pack Sizes: 1, 4, 5 litres

Masters Super+ (SAE 20W-50 API SJ)

Masters Super+ is a superior quality multigrade engine oil based on a blend of highly refined mineral oils and carefully selected additives to provide superior lubrication and engine protection in modern passenger cars, gasoline and diesel engines.
It is a good quality multigrade lubricant specially formulated to give adequate engine protection in light and medium duty vehicle fueled by gasoline. It is designed to protect your engine against wear, tear and corrosion while keeping it clean.

Gasoline engines found in passenger cars
Light duty gasoline engines
CNG and LPG fuel

Performance features
Adequate engine protection
Protects engine against wear, tear and corrosion
keeps engine clean
Extended drain intervals

Pack Sizes: 1,4,5 litres

Masters SUPER Motor Oil (SAE 40 API SF/CD)

Masters Super Motor Oil is manufactured from high quality solvent extracted base oil and contains selective additives to meet the API level. It is a good quality engine lubricant that gives adequate engine protection in older cars fuelled by gasoline.
Masters Super Motor Oil SAE 40 lubricating engine oil is a mono grade engine oil that has detergent/dispersant quality, anti sludge formation and is designed for use in all types of petrol engines requiring high sealing ability to prevent wear and tear. It is also recommended as a top up engine oil. It keeps your engines clean and running like new.

Gasoline and diesel powered equipment
On high way high and medium trucking
Off high way industries including: construction, mining, quarrying and agriculture

Performance features
Comprehensive additive package
Good anti wear properties
Good detergency/dispersancy

Pack Sizes: 1,4,5 litres

Masters SUPER Diesel (SAE 40 API CF/SD)

Masters Super Diesel is a moderate quality diesel engine oil fulfilling the needs of most diesel and petrol engines. It is suitable for naturally aspirated as well as turbo charged diesel engines where severe service is required.
This oil is ideally used in automotive fleets operating with varied engines of different types and models. The outstanding quality of this oil is demonstrated by different specifications that they meet and satisfy.

Diesel petrol engines
Turbo charged engines
On high way light and medium trucking
Off high way industries including: construction, mining, quarrying and agriculture.

Performance features
Outstanding resistance against high temperature oxidation
Excellent protection against corrosion and sludge formation
Reduce wear and tear
Exceptional engine cleanliness

Pack Sizes: 4,5,25 litres

Masters HD Gen set Oil (SAE 15W-40 API CHF)

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