Lubricant Plant

The facility shall be sited on a three acre site that has a bulk loading rack for fuels, a warehouse for lubricant and chemical package
products, office facilities and a card lock. This facility sells to the commercial/agricultural base of customers and also to the offshore oil drilling segment.

Lubricant is essential to extending the life of machinery, and proper lubricant storage is critical to maintaining a clean and healthy fluid. Many things can happen to the lubricant between bulk delivery and dispensing to the machine application.

Masters Energy intends to provide branded commercial lubricants and passenger car motor oils to retail outlets, car dealers, quick lubes, and maintenance garages. Strategically, Masters Energy shall become one of the largest lubricant providers in both the local market and the West African market. We are committed to providing premier lubricant products delivered in a manner that ensures product integrity and customer satisfaction.

The lube plant will provide a full line of lubricant products and services and has the equipment, storage, and support, to provide the best product at the best price.

The Lubricant plant shall be designed to offer and provide complete line of chemical service such as solvents and anti-freezes, as well as fuel additives such as cold weather pour point enhancers, diesel additives and a full line of soaps and cleansers. It will also provide commercial fleet operators, manufacturing, construction, railroad, aviation, marine transportation, agricultural and fish processing companies with heavy duty motor oils and marine/ railroad engine oils; industrial lubricants such as hydraulic and machine oils, as well as refrigeration, turbine, white, food grade, heat transfer, and synthetic oils.

Masters Energy is an energy redefined company that shall provide you with all of the petroleum products you need to operate your equipment. With lubricant market segments as a focus, Masters Energy has concluded plans to construct lubricant plant that can blend and store a set of specific oil and greases which deliver high levels of performance when compared to reputable suppliers’ products. Each of our lube product line will be formulated to provide extended drain periods and reduce the amount of lubricant used in bearings, hydraulic systems and gear boxes when compared to common lubricant products. And all lubricants shall be eco-environmental friendly.

Our quality service delivery shall be extended to target customers which shall include: tug companies, fishing vessels, marine construction, stevedores and local industrial accounts.

Blended Lubricants will be either delivered by bulk truck or package truck (for totes, drums, pails and for case goods). In addition, the facility is a manufacturing plant responsible for the blending of components into finished products. Additives, base oils, and finished products are stored in the tank farm complex consisting of hundreds of gallons for storage. This facility shall handle commercial and some marine sales in the offshore areas of Nigeria waters.