The Modular Refinery

A land space provision adjacent to the Tank farm and the LPG plant has been made for the setting up of the modular refinery. More land space is being acquired for expansion purposes. A wharf and jetty are to be built to enable the refinery receives its crude oil, operation materials, ships, equipment unloading and product loading capabilities.

Masters Energy City crude oil (Feedstock) supply is expected from the Federal Government allocation and from NNPC. Federal Government assurances will be obtained with regards to these allocations once the milestone of the Erection Completion (EPC) Contract is achieved. However, future spot market purchases will also be made.

The refinery shall be designed to process any of the Nigeria crude oils as well as other world’s heavy crude oils. The refinery will have a design capacity of 20,000BPD to process Escravos Light/ Bonny Light Crude Oil to produce LPG, premium grades of Gasoline (PMS), Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) and Fuel Oils.

The finished products will be primarily evacuated to meet the demands of the domestic markets, and make the MastersEnergyCity storage depot, which is the largest privately owned in Africa self sufficient. This would ensure constant supply and distribution of petroleum products in the domestic market. The remaining products will be exported to service the international markets. Based on the current market demands, it is anticipated that about 40% of the finished products will be consumed locally while arrangements are made through our technical partners to export the balance. All the refined products will be evacuated from the refinery and finally moved to the storage facility (supply chain), neighbouring countries, the west and Europe.