The LPG Plant

Masters Energy Oil and Gas Limited, intends to set-up a fully integrated LPG Plant in its Energy City logistic centre at Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt, River State. The Plant will handle and receive LPG at its own Jetty facility, right down to the supply of consumer retail packs of LPG, while conforming to the highest HSE standards. The Company hopes to make a significant contribution to the social development of its customers and communities. It is intended that with the coming on stream of the LPG Plant, a focus on marketing LPG to rural communities and the building of new retail centres across the country shall be an excellent step forward in realizing company’s goal in the energy sector.

The Masters Energy City LPG plant is expected to capture all the value chain benefits from LPG storage facility right down to the final consumer dispenser business unit. This would enable the total business to conveniently edge against future negative effects of competition. In crude oil refining, the LP Gases are the first products produced in the distillation process of the heavier fuels such as diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil and gasoline.

MastersEnergy City LPG business unit shall comprise of three different business units:

This shall constitute the main business unit of the facility. It shall receive its feedstock from refineries (Foreign and Local) and oil and gas production platform via LPG tanker Vessels. Patronage by throughput from other customers shall be allowed. It could also supply other depot via coastal LPG Tanker Vessel.
This unit is situated in the middle of the supply chain. The feedstock is received from the Masters Energy storage terminal to be supplied to LPG cylinder filling plant. The company shall initially set up six of such plants in the six geographical zones in the country.
This business unit is aimed at meeting up with the logistic challenges of directly reaching out to the final consumers in the supply chain. Several LPG tanker trucks shall be purchased for this purpose.