Lagos Chapter of NATA Endorses Masters Lubricant

The Executives of Lagos State Chapter of Nigerian Automobile Technician Association (NATA) took a step further in cementing partnership with Masters Lubricant with the visit of the association to the blending Plant of blenders of the lubricant, Alsa Petrochemical Industries Limited, located along Lagos -Ibadan Expressway, Mowe.
Receiving the visitors to the Plant, the GM, Alsa Pet, Mr. Oluyinka Adejumo thanked the visitors for finding time to visit the Plant in spite of the difficulty in movement in Lagos occasioned by the fuel scarcity. He told the NATA executives that the management of Masters Energy Oil & Gas Limited hold the association in high esteem because of the enviable position they occupy in the automobile value chain. He assured the executives that “Alsa Petrochemical Blending Plant was built to International Standard to produce the highest quality of lubricants for Nigeria automobiles”. He also informed them that Masters Lubricant undergoes high standard blending processes that make it compare with any lubricant of its type. He added, “the Plant has high production capacity while our laboratories and technicians are well equipped to ensure that we maintain high standard always and conform to global best practice.”
Shortly before conducting the visitors round the Plant, the Head Lube Sales & Marketing, Mr. Gbenga Olaoye informed the automedics that all Masters Lubricant are specially blended in Nigeria to meet the required API standard and can be compared with any products in its category in the lubricant market internationally. He said, “If you pick up any of the Masters Lubricant, you are rest assured that you are buying the highest quality lubricant because it has been formulated by our experts to lubricate any engine specification in Nigeria”. “We have also put appropriate tamper proof measure to protect the product from the activities of the fraudsters and counterfeits.”

Stating the purpose of their visit, the chairman, Lagos State Chapter, NATA, Asiwaju Jacob Omonide Fayeun commended Management and workers of Alsa Petrochemical Industries Limited for warmly receiving them. He told them that the association came to inspect the plant to ensure that Masters Lubricant is manufactured according to best practices. He said that “we the automobile technicians are aware of many brands of lubricants in the market. We are equally aware that not all the lubricants are lubricants in the real sense of it because of the quality of lubricants.” He went ahead “we have the capacity and competence to recognize quality lubricants both local and imported but we do not have the power to stop the circulation of such substandard products. That is the job of appropriate regulatory agencies of govt.”
Expressing satisfaction after the inspection, Asiwaju Fayeun said “I want to thank you for taking us through the production process of Masters Lubricant. What we saw on ground shows the level of transparency within your organization. As State Chairman NATA, it is my responsibility to ensure that any lubricant that is being recommended by NATA members is of high grade and we can vouch for the quality for any vehicle”. He added, “Experiencing the production of Masters Lubricant first-hand, I can personally confirm that the Alsa Petrochemical blending plant is of international standard compared to other plants which I have visited within the country. I also recommend the Masters Lubricant to be used by all automedics in Nigeria because of its high quality. “